UX Design Portfolio

Hi! Im Tyler, a Senior UX designer & architect at Deloitte Digital. This is my online portfolio. Design is my passion. I love crafting and designing products that millions of people will use worldwide. My mission is to help change the world for the better and to improve people’s lives. I geek out over the latest tech and love testing new innovative ideas. I always push myself and my team into unknown territory in order to create the next great experience. I want to be inventing technology and not simply using technology. I've spent the last two years leading the Deloitte Digital Denver Studio's UX team, and over the last year hired and built out two new UX teams in the NYC Studio and LA Studio.

Passion Projects

I like to have fun and experiment on new ideas, play with technology and try out different areas of design. I see myself as more than just a UX designer, I see myself as someone that is always continuously learning. Its refreshing to venture into new territory sometimes in order to gain fresh perspectives.