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A few colleagues and I, while at ebay, spent one day creating our concept of a new ebay feed that was mainly to be used while walking around a city. The concept was based on alter ego queries, or being able to search for intersting things nearby that your friends would like to see or visit, instead of your personal interests. The concept was fun and outside the box, and it won our Design-A-Thon! Furhermore, the concept received a patent for alter ego queries.

ebay feed hero image

eBay Feed Wires

ebay feed wires

eBay Feed UI Visual Design

ebay feed image
ebay feed image

Patent Title

Location based and alter ego queries

A user at a geographical location may submit a search query and receive results responsive to the search query. The search results provided to the user may be based on the user’s geographical location. The search results may also be based on one or more attributes of the user or an alter ego. The alter ego may be an individual user or another type of entity, such as a group or a business. A user at a geographical location submitting an alter-ego search query may see the results that would be presented to the alter ego if the alter ego were at the geographical location. Each user’s interests may be selected through an interest-selection interface, automatically generated as the user interacts with search results, dynamically generated as a user follows or likes search results, or otherwise determined.