eBay Collections

“eBay is introducing a new feature designed to streamline your shopping experience: curated collections. Basically, curators handpick products from eBay's database and arrange them into collections; as part of the initial push, the company is including a few relatively big names among its list of "expert curators" like Solange Knowles, Pharrell Williams and Kelly Oxford, with the best of the best featured on the new eBay Today page.”

Design Process

My process for designing ebay Collections started with my notebook, as do all of my projects. I sketched and sketched, trying many different approaches and concepts. The sketching phase is one of the most important pieces to my creative process. It allows for quick exploration.

eBay Collections Sketch

Collection Wireframes

eBay Collections Wireframes

Collection Explorer Wireframes

I came up with the collection explorer experience during the creation of the actual collection page development cycle. I thought...Why are we allowing people to curate and build all of these collections if they do not have a way of browsing them more organically other than search? I pitched the idea to the executive leadership funding ebay collections and they agreed, so I designed the experience and we included collection explorer in the first release.

eBay Collections Wireframes

Collections User Interface Design

Collection UI

Collections User Interface Design

Collection UI

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