House of Blues

“The House of Blues brand is something unique and special, which is why design is so critical.”

House of Blues Hero


I created this video to serve the purpose of our pitch to the executive team at House of Blues. It was extremely well received. I used a collection of found footage from other videos we had produced as well as new footage shot on my iPhone 6 Plus. The video took a total of 3 days to shoot and edit, all using Adobe After Effects as the editing tool of choice.

Problem Statement

House of Blues was seeing a drop in digital engagement post event. They needed a vehicle to help drive engagement along the customer journey cycle of pre event, at the event and post event, with the ultimate goal of increasing ticket sales.

Design Process

I hand sketched the majority of the app in my notebook in order to generate lots of different concepts. I then moved to the whiteboard and created more detailed wireframes and flows. This process really allows for creative freedom and exploration early in the process before getting too invested in digital artificts.

House of Blues Sketches

House of Blues Wireframes

I created all of the House of Blues wireframes using Sketch. Sketch allows me to move fast, be consistent across all of my screens and flows, and create accurate representations of the app due to it being vector based and pixel perfect.

House of Blues Wires

House of Blues Android Wearable

Incorporating wearables into the House of Blues experience was very exciting. The possibilities of having the watch order a drink for you, or having an employee scan your wrist as you enter i.e. digital wearable tickets, was very fun to explore and concept. There were many more ideas but those were the two feasible ones that we could technically develop against in the short timeframe.

House of Blues Watch

InvisionApp Prototype