My Colorado iOS App

“Government services are hard, time consuming and difficult to use. I want to be able to pull out my phone to show my drivers license, pay with my EBT card, or find some government services near me and make an appointment."

CDHS visual designs

User Flow Chart - Vehicle Registration Renewal

I used an online tool called Lucid Chart to create a more complex user flow diagramming a user's desicions through out the mobile app's vehicle registration process. The diagram is very helpful for designers, developers and clients to understand the decision points and how the system design needs to be developed.


Annotated Wireframes

Annotating wireframes for my projects allows developers, visual designers, QA and clients to all be on the same page for understanding the behaviors and functionalities of the app the team is building.

CDHS Annotated Wires

First wireframe concept

I used the design tool Sketch, which allowed me to rapidly design and iterate on my concepts. Once my initial designs were completed I built out an invisionapp prototype for the first version of the app. During the initial stages of design and development, the team implemented the Lean UX Methodology, designing, testing and building the app in under 3 weeks. The concept for the first version was mainly to be an app that focused on only Cash and Food Assistance programs, allowed users to find locations near them that accepted EBT cards, and make appointments with Human Services.

CDHS Wires

Additional wireframes for expanded My Colorado App

The concept of the app evolved beyond cash and food assistance programs into an all encompassing app that would serve the State of Colorado population all of the goverment services. This included driver's licenses, vehicle registration, business licenses, fishing and hunting licenses, state parks passes, all government assistance programs.

CDHS Wireframes