PEAKHealth State of Colorado

“I want something that will make managing my family's insurance fast and easy. It should be super intuitive and fun to use.”

Peak Health Hero

Problem Statement

Medicaid members had no easy way to access their case information. If they needed to ask a question or update some basic info, they would have to call and wait on hold for up to an hour, sometimes longer. The Medicaid members were also always not using desktop computers as much as they were using smartphones. So they needed to have a way to access all of their Medicaid information from their smartphone.

User Research and Personas

During the beginning of the project, I conducted user research by creating a survey that was sent out to 100+ State of Colorado Medicaid clients. I analyzed the data and based on our results created personas. I uncovered the current experience for managing your Medicaid through the State's website was confusing and difficult for the majority of the Medicaid clients that responded to the survey. The State of Colorado Medicaid users desired a simple way to manage their families insurance while on the go. Almost all of the participants that responded carried a smart phone. This helped us determine that we needed to build native applications as well as a responsive website, ensuring that the entire population would have access to the PEAKHealth experience.

Peak Health Personas

User Flows

The PEAKHealth mobile app is a complex experience with lots of paths and flows for the user to interact with. It was crucial for the success of the team for me to diagram out not only the apps informational architecture but also the features that would be implemented for each sprint. These user flow diagrams helped the team understand where the new features would be implemented for each sprint cycle during development.

Peak Health User Flow

Wireframe Sketches

For the majority of the projects that I work on, I create sketches of the wireframes, usually on a whiteboard and in my notebook. Sketching is one of the most critical parts of my process because it is a quick way to test ideas, flows and interactions.

Peak Health sketch Wireframes

iOS Wireframes

I created all the wireframes for the PEAKHealth iOS application. For each platform, there were hundreds of screens. Using the tool Sketch, I was able to organize my wireframes based on features for each sprint. This made finding screens that were created early in the project easy to find when I needed to reference them at the end of the project.

Peak Health iOS Wireframes

Android Wireframes

I created all the wireframes for the PEAKHealth Android application.

Peak Health Android Wireframes

Responsive Web Wireframes

I created all the wireframes for the PEAKHealth Responsive application.

Peak Health Responsive Wireframes
Peak Health Mobile Responsive Wireframes

Usability Testing

Over the course of one full day, I ran a usability lab session with 7 participants. The usability session tested a combination of Android, iOS and responsive web, which uncovered some unknown features that the users were requesting, such as whether a health provider was even accepting new Medicaid patients. This insight allowed us to incorporate additional features into our MVP as well as fast add ons in subsequent releases. Another problem area the test uncovered was around use of language or tone within the app. We were then able to bring a copy writer onboard to help set the tone for the app and make it more plain human language.

Peak Health Usability Testing

InvisionApp Prototype Version 1

I used Sketch to create my wireframes and synced my source file to the InvisionApp prototpying tool.

InvisionApp iOS Prototype - Location Search Feature